Saturday, July 31, 2010



timekeeper said...

Just another typical Saturday night with professormikey...pondering our quickly approaching demise!

Andy D. said...

Death is indeed just around the corner, brought to bear in our faces again and again courtesy of this site... ats what I been talkin bout.


Mike Bailey said...

Andy D: My in-laws are in town. I read this comment to them, and they roared with laughter. Way to play to the crowd.

justcurious said...

I know what this is from and why it feels so darn poignant... this is the alternate ending to Titanic. Leonardo's frozen fingers have let go of the drift wood (that Kate is hogging) for the last time. As he slips under the water, he lovingly recalls... his family back in England whom he never quite got around to telling Kate about.

My captcha today: progret - the act of regretting your words before they've even been said. Man! How do it know?

Andy D. said...

Yo defman, try dis on (sung to the old Janis Joplin favorite, "Freedom"...):

"Death is just another word, for,
Eyeball Central's news..."


PS -- JC -- I LOVE progret! Awesome!

My word: "tasible"

My definition: "An adjective appropriate to describe most of MB's social transgressions."

justcurious said...

AD - hahahaha! I can hear it now, "Hey that's tasible, bro! Hang on and let me get out of the way first."

MB - Julia enjoyed this. She says that when she bent over at the top of the hill and touched the grass, she was seriously contemplating rolling down the hill. Lydia talked her out of it by painting a mental image of them covered in grass and itchy. So you can thank your mature, reasonable daughter for ruining what would have been a very dramatic exit.