Monday, July 05, 2010

Eternally stoned

I can't remember where this is, exactly. If forced to guess, I'd say it's outside the NYC public library. The statue says: "Beauty/Old yet ever new/Eternal voice/and inward voice."

Hmm....I don't know about that in its entirety, but beauty as an inward voice? Yeah, I like that a lot.


justcurious said...

as in inner beauty for others to see or some pre-wired leaning toward what we fundamentally find to be "beauty?"

Mike Bailey said...

As in beauty having its own private warrant.

Andy D. said...

Well I love this photo. Really cool, and very nice image.

The engraving, though, I don't like. It just seems kind of, I don't know, less than fully thought through?

And that leads me to wonder, how does an engraver become certain she/he has something that is worth engraving? I mean shouldn't something cut into granite be eternally profound?

You would not want to go down in history, as an amateur engraver.

"That Smith could cut stone, but man what an amateur..."

Ironically, that's not the epitaph I'd want....

shinigami-sidhe said...

Andy-I visited a cemetery in which the stone cutter had engraved, for posterity, "here lies the boby."

Of course, it was a tomb from the middle ages, so we can probably assume the stonecutter was illiterate and following a pattern.

Andy D. said...

I love it! Good note, SS.

Ok now here's a strange word, stranger than "snerhe" (see a couple photos ago...) -- fratio.

That sounds real doesn't it? Fratio. Or else dirty. It sounds like an illicient goings on, on a patio.

"He's out back, on the fratio with that other man... fratioing."