Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Self-portrait in response to Andy D's latest comment

Also happens to be my Facebook portrait. I posted it preemptively, knowing it was merely time before I was described as an mfn moron sadist.

A sad (if inevitable) day.

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Andy D. said...

Is just another word for
Why you a sadistic moron.

Now look everyone... This is all purely in fun and jest, I promise. "Moron" is simply a term of affection between Mike and me. Well, more specifically, normally it's a term of affection I call Mike. He normally doesn't (dare) reciprocate. But it's got nothing to do with reality.

Likewise, "sadist." Not real.

Reality would dictate other terms of affection. For example,

"The Genius Masochist."
"The Exhuberant Worrier."
"My best friend, the Slumbering Exerciser."
"Pancakes 'n Beer."
"Nobody's Honky."

You see. Friends just sometimes shorthand their love for each other in playful ways...