Thursday, June 28, 2012

Light fixture

I took this photo in the reflection of one my framed photos hanging on the wall.  I flipped it and colorized it.  Here is the untouched original below.

That thar be a pirate ghost.

Arrrr......Alrighty then maties.  As ye all well know, Savannah be haunted.  Local regulations require that every building be home to at least one ghosty.  As all of you know about me, there was never a bigger skeptic than me when it comes to the ghosties.  And by skeptic I mean I've never here heard a ghost story that I didn't believe.  Sifting for truth through all the tall tales---well, who has time? 'Tis easier simply to believe. 

And yet ghost inclined as I be, I've never seen for meowneself a veritable ghosty.  Until now.  Now me wife Juli, well, she don't believe in haunts.  But here I have proof.  The first picture above is untouched apart from the writing.  But look thee carefully.  Do you not see a man's face in profile looking to the right?  

You do.  Aye, you do. 

As do I.  

And for your viewing pleasure, I was kind enough for thine viewing pleasure to crop, enlarge and enhance the section where our ghosty be haunting.  

Sweet dreams. 


Oh...I be moving out a bit prematurely.  Allow me to explain the photo.  I took the photo looking through two windows at right angles--where the walls in the (thoroughly haunted) house meet.  Me goal was to capture that little flicker of candlelight at the bottom of that big window pane.  

Juli don't see the face. At all. Which but proves that she is is in major denial of reality, it does.  Major major denial of reality. 

Fun with an Anish Kapoor mirror.

Ohhhhhh yeah, baby.

Popping colors

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Self-portrait on left with wall o' art as backdrop

I suppose it's fair to say I'm lovin' the new camera.  I'm just learning, so I trust the images will improve in time.

little angel

I know the image is nearly identical to the one I posted a week or so ago. I returned to this little plastic figurine for several consecutive days.  Without my new camera I had never really noticed her (though I had put here where she now hangs on a metal bird in our garden along with a bunch of necklaces and other chachkes).  But with camera in hand she seemed to be calling my name.  Given my attraction to spooky/creepy/eerie, I suppose she might posses this quality without me intending it but my intention here (believe it or not) is to capture her sweetness.  

(No, not her sweet creepiness, you cynical weirdos.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anish Kapoor is my hero

summer drinks

These were taken with Julianne's stinky camera.  Not her current stinky camera (my old stinky camera), but her own (even stinkier) old camera.   I like the composition and content.  Bofes.

Metallic eclipse of the sun

metal bee

Sunday, June 17, 2012


A four-handed j-bot staring me down.  I've seen this posture--arms all akimbo--more than a few times. 

J-bot auditioning for The Sound of Music.  

J-bot posing for The Dude.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stemware Rack

Stemware.  Just one of the many things I've learned of (and about) from Justcurious.  I could blog about it but it would be entirely too long for a blog entry.  Better for a blog series.  Or its own blog.   "Justcurious Teaches MB."  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pics from the new camera

Mojo hit me out of the blue yesterday.  I was reading a book, when suddenly I was forced to run outside with my new camera and start taking photos in the yard.  The sun had set, so there are no dramatic shadows.   I'm happy my camera does seem to work.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Crazy aunt "going off the rails on a crazy train"!

A loving tongue-in-cheek homage to Beth, my sweet big sister and wonderful and cool (if also kinda crazy) aunt to my three daughters!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

New and improved "swing."

A modestly improved version of that other stinker of a video.