Thursday, February 28, 2008


my batteries ran out of juice after about four pictures. this was the best of the lot. i promise better in the future.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

subterranean homesick alien

Title courtesy of Radiohead. The title was *almost* courtesy of Spinal Tap. I nearly called it "D-minor, the saddest of all the keys." And then that made me think i should call it--i'll make this family friendly--"l.m.l.p."
Sophomoric humor aside, for me this photo evokes terrible sadness and loneliness. Just like the song of the same title.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

learning the moves from the master, johnny robot.

this is the first and only photo i've ever posted taken by someone other than me. I do so because it reveals so nicely why i am indebted to this young man--a man who, despite what you might gather from the photo (or, say, from talking with him), now studies at princeton.

Here’s how life works: i gave him knowledge and wisdom (on, for example, why drummers make the best student workers, or why baptism by immersion is almost like cheating because its symbolism is so obvious it requires practically no faith at all). in return from him i learned how to make computer noises and dance like the white man i am. i also learned this phrase: "conversational tyrant." i will not tell you to whom he applied it. (hint: i'm still bitter.)

Let’s face it: I got the better deal in the bargain.

This is a limited edition posting that will soon be taken down.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

my three little christmas monkeys

have no fear. this picture is a month and a half late, not ten and a half months early. i'm not walmart, you know.

like father, like daughter

a keenly developed appreciation of the bizarre.

asking questions until the question answerer goes insane.

a need to qualify every answer with eight counterexamples.

I wonder….where did she get those traits?!? Hmmm….

best of all, she thinks i’m perfectly normal, even terrific!! recently she said, “dad, i know why you like taking pictures of me so much.” (I have taken more pictures of her than any other person.) “it’s because i don’t automatically smile like all the other kids do, isn’t it? it’s more interesting when someone doesn’t smile, isn’t it.”

“That’s my girl!!! Come over here, you!!”

my ripe little plum

such a tender and loving heart this one has. to paraphrase one of my colleagues, her heart is like a perfectly ripe plum--in equal measures sweet and easily bruised. i fret for that little heart trying to stay true to itself in our sharp-edged and indifferent world.

little miss ornery in the morning

and this one. do i worry about her?

not so much.

though i do wonder how her reign will be judged by history.