Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chinatown, NYC

A good friend from high school, Kim, encouraged me to visit Ichiban in Chinatown while in NYC. I did so and bought some freaky fish candy and took a few photos, one or two of which I'll probably post soon. Across the street from Ichiban was a food store that sold all manner of Chinese produce and dried foods in crates and barrels.

I don't know what this is. Do you?


timekeeper said...

I'm guessing rice flakes.

Mike Bailey said...

Rice flakes?


How could they be rice flakes? Is that the only Chinese item that came to mind? Why not just guess "panda ears"?

justcurious said...

Maybe deli thin sliced panda ears?

Andy D. said...

Guys, guys, guys... anyone can see these are clearly shaved slices of coconut.


Mike Bailey said...

Riiiight. Coconut shavings. Yes, if you've been smoking crack, maybe, it might look that way.

Steven Taylor said...

Monkey brains.

Andy D. said...

Look. Those are shavings, dammit, off a single coconut, passed through a food processor blade at the thinnest setting, about 1,500 times.

I've done it probably 85 times myself.

I make a lot of coconut rangoon.


Obviously you have to peel it first, "genius masochist."

Andy D. said...

Or maybe they are "potato chips"?


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, a potato chip.

timekeeper said...

I'm telling you it is made of rice. Or a vegetable. A ricey vegetable. I'm guessing water chestnuts....a food that my mother famously called "Chinese potato chips". (Yes, she had no hesitation about lying to get us to eat healthy food)