Sunday, August 01, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle

Back to the cheer.


Andy D. said...

Love it! Great blending of the music with the speed of the film!


Steven Taylor said...


I think not.

First, the Queen tune reminds me of the tragic early death of Freddy Mercury.

Second, people who ride bikes and try to take videos often have an unpleasant end.

Nope: just more death from Eyeball Central.

Mike Bailey said...

I had no idea I was that transparent. And to think I had fooled some people.


Andy D. said...

Hold on, gents. I didn't say I loved it for the cheer. Just for the matching of the frenetic music to the sped up film.

Sort of like how MB loves virtually any song by Rob Zombie, played to virtually any film clips shot by Rob Zombie. Not cheer. Just ... Well, to each his own.


Andy D. said...

Yo how's the new camera going, cracker?