Wednesday, August 03, 2011


So I don't think of myself as much of a colorist, but it turns out I'm quite drawn to blue.   Here I sample some blue photos in this video.  I put this together very quickly (it took 2-3 hours, I suppose), and I wasn't going for interesting cuts, or even interesting sequencing, nearly as much as simply responding to the music. I came nowhere close to going through all my photos, but I did quickly survey most of my blog posts.  I had a tough editing choice, as Rhapsody in Blue lasts some sixteen minutes or so.  I knew my computer could handle about 3-4 minutes of editing, but I found the prospect of cutting out either the beginning or the conclusion of the piece simply appalling.  So I made an editing choice and joined two pieces together in the best place I could find.  I'm sure Claudia will faint from emotional duress when she hears how I butchered the piece.

Yet again, I struggled to come up with a fitting and strong ending.  I decided to play off the title and give you some cheese with my final picture-- some "blue cheese," as it were.  Despite its cheesiness, I think it somehow still works.

Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer's End

So it's pretty clear my last two videos--what, with their crazy rock n' roll and rap music and fast-cut editing--did not capture your fancy, beloved readers (excepting Justcurious).  Here I've gone the other route.   Quiet. Calm.  Reflective.

And, in my opinion, very sad.  

Just two images here, but together with the music they evoke loss, at least for me.