Monday, July 12, 2010

Cubism? Or child cruelty?

A while back, Juli was down at the Alabama coast with some friends, catching the last tar ball and oil free gulf beach for a few years. Naturally I took the girls on an outing. This time we visited the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, a very funky museum that's really an assemblage of three completely separate buildings, each with its own distinct architecture. The museum is a little like a tuxedo with running shoes and a tie-dye cummerbund. Bizarre and odd but lovable.

One of the "wings" has a sitting room with some art books and pads of paper and drawing instruments. Each of us decided to draw something. I sketched my three civilized and mother-reared good little children while they were drawing. And since it turns out that my kids instinctively know to shield themselves from my pernicious influence, they accept all my shortcomings as charming or, at least, basically harmless because also dad-ish. This, I think, is a privilege dads hold with daughters not afforded them by sons. So rather than being horribly insulted that I drew them as little deformed monsters, they instantly noted the drawing's cubist features and were thrilled by it. They begged that I not throw it out but take it home to show their mother when she returned. Nora, my youngest, placed it on the refrigerator door.

My corruption is nearly complete.

I'm proud.

Very proud.


timekeeper said...

Cubism. Kids are tough.

Mike Bailey said...

I don't follow. Kids are tough meaning it's tough to raise kids? If so, be that cubism?

Kids are tough meaning kids are resilient. If so..?

Or, kids are tough meaning they're hard to draw. In which case, isn't cubism a cop out?

All that being said (or asked), I agree with your conclusion.

Andy D. said...

Child cruelty. Mos definitely.

timekeeper said...

I was answering your question in the title. Cubism? Yes. Child Cruelty? No. Kids can handle someone drawing their picture. And when it is their beloved (not cruel) father, they cherish the drawing. Clear enough for you?

Mike Bailey said...

Well, this description makes sense. But I don't see how it relates to the original comment of kids are tough.


timekeeper said...

"Cubism." (means this is cubism) "Kids are tough." (means their is not child cruelty because kids are strong enough to withstand a father drawing them without damage).

Mike Bailey said...

strong enough to stand a drawing without being damaged? or, strong enough to stand a drawing that doesn't damage them?


timekeeper said...

I'm changing my original post. Here is my revision:

"Family cruelty."

Mike Bailey said...

you win.

hands down.

i applaud you.


Andy D. said...

TK -

It is child cruelty. And as you point out, family cruelty also. Allow me to esplain.

If a child has a higher than normal pain tolerance, is it less cruel to beat him? No. It's still cruelty.

If a family doesn't know they're being photographed incessantly for ulterior reasons than the family photo album, does it make it acceptable? No.

If someone scratches their fingernails down a chalkboard with a deaf child sitting there - well ok, so maybe that one's not cruel. Maybe that guy is just a moron sadist.

Anyway, you see my point. Right?


Mike Bailey said...

AD: To quote my pal, Eminem: Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothin comes out when they move they lips
Just a buncha gibberish

From: "Forgot about Dre (i.e. Andy D on family cruelty)"

Andy D. said...

Dear Faker Rapman MB --

You stay out of this. It don't concern you. Not in the least.

But in case you keepin score, you tha mfin moron sadist. Just like you fraid was true.

A-man M.