Friday, July 30, 2010

New York Colors, pt. 4

And two bonus pics for my dear readers. The first isn't my fault. The music to Inception made me do it.

And here's the Ellsworth Kelly as I originally took the photo. I'm really surprised my software could turn this, below, into the third shot above. Unsettling in a way.


Claudia said...

Okay, not to be creepy and slightly stalkerish, but I'd really love to follow you around NY and take pictures after you. You have the eye(ball) my friend. Yes, you do.

Mike Bailey said...

Neither creepy nor stalkerish, slightly or full out, but just very very flattering. Of course were you to do that, your eyeballs would soon be on this blog. I hope you do know that.

timekeeper said...

I love that rainbow on the wall. I don't care how you did is great!