Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Christs Suffering

The beauty of the cathedral largely did the work for me. Still I failed to accomplish what I was aiming for, which was a shot of both crucifixes, near and far, together with the single blue stained glass window acting as a halo for both Christs. I just couldn't line up all the pieces. I could either capture the two Christs without the blue halo, or one Christ and the halo.

Believe it or not I showed a little restraint. Out of respect for the holy nature of the spot, I declined from standing on a pew to capture a better a shot. It certainly felt like a sacrifice.

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shinigami-sidhe said...

Are pews holy now? Am I going to hell for fishing behind pew cushions for spare change? I mean, assuming I wasn't already going to hell for a lot of other things, that is.