Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New York Colors, pt. 3

All from Times Square.


timekeeper said...

These are the best photos EVER!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You never see colorful, manic pictures of NYC that aren't stressful but these are just, just, God--are these photographs...happy?

And my last security word of the night is 'drothel'. Too much. The happiness being brung here is just too much.

Mike Bailey said...

I don't think of these photos as happy, actually. Just colorful. they're energetic and busy, and certainly not moody nor sad, but neither are they especially happy to me.

Andy D. said...

Allo, allo! Allo one an all! I'm back tomorrow from jolly old England, and had to check in before I land stateside again to see how everyone was. To top it off, my blogword is "ariba," which sounds festive enough for me!

I think the red door word (which I never saw answered??) is "brilliant," having read JC and MB often enough now?

I don't get the hands/face/morph love that the statue photo seems to have engendered with the readers? But of course I respect all your respective rights to go that way.

I agree the NYC photos are great. Can't say happy -- but certainly vibrant! Energetic and very well done.

Anyway, I was just anxiuos to get plugged back in to the old blog here... I'll regain some sleep over the weekend and reread these photos again then... Westside.


justcurious said...

Andyyyyyy, I wondered where you were.

Julie said...

Really enjoy this series. Love the top photo...wonderful!