Friday, July 30, 2010

New York Colors, pt. 5

Ummm....I'm kinda running low here.


Andy D. said...

Much like avid teen readers of JK Rowling, we anxiously line up for the release of the next Part in the New York Colors saga.

How many parts are you planning? Will that really be it, or can we expect some more after the official series is done? Does Hagrid die??

: )

Keep em coming!

Andy D. said...

Tell me you ain't played Empire State more than 15 times while compiling the first five parts?

You can't tell me that, can you.

No, not at all.

Andy D. said...

PS - you've discovered some kind of previously overlooked button on the old puncherooing up software labelled "color saturation overdrive," haven't you.

Cause these is VI-ved. With a capital VIVED.

shinigami-sidhe said...

If you are running low, then clearly you must return to New York. Your public demands it.

Andy D. said...

Vi -Ved!!

Mmmmmm hmmmm!! Damn!!

Vi. Ved.

Steven Taylor said...

Blue doors are cool.