Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blue Jonbon

Alas, a metaphorically true pic, I fear. At least for now. Jon's a little blue right now.

I don't remember where he posed. It's a reflection, obviously, and the original photo was blue as can be. Mostly I just (over)cropped it.

My daughters hang on to Jonbon like he's a rock star. Which, in my mind, he is, of course. A robot-dancing rock star.


jonbon said...

Reminiscent of your previous post displaying my 'blue moon'. "I'm blue da ba dee da ba die..."

I think this was taken in or around NYC in 2008.

Mike Bailey said...'s 2010 nyc. i think you think it's 2008 because nowadays you're thin as a Biafran drought victim, and the mirror distorts your image a bit--puffs you up like p-diddy's ego.

and i mean all of it as a compliment, of course.

jonbon said...

I'm embarrassed. And I love how you compliment me. It makes me do i say this? self-effacing?

At least you didn't force me to do the robot inside the Qdoba burrito shop.

justcurious said...

Jon the rock star. Maybe this is why I've been humming "Blue Moon" all day. It's an old, old song, a favorite of my mom's, that she plays on the piano, well, once in a blue moon. Best wishes to you, JB.

jonbon said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, JC. I hear MB and company made it to NC for the 4th. I can only hope you cajoled (read forced) him to say "Computer Magic."

justcurious said...

Hahaha - we twist his arm in a lot of ways, I'm sure, jb. He probably goes home and hibernates to recover from our in his faceness. So I try to call out the gems, like c.m., only on special occasions!!! :)