Saturday, July 17, 2010


Then ghosties.


Technoprairie said...

That is great happy happy stuff! Wonderful choice of music. No one can be sad listening to that! Nathan had his doubts at the beginning and even said, "I'm not happy". But when it started to accelerate, he was happy. Mission accomplished. We are all so happy here now.

Andy D. said...

Happy -- yes!!

Ode to the Credits from a Woody Allen Movie -- also yes!! In fact if your screen were black and your lettering white, we might really have to ask some questions. Love it.

Also love that my cathcwhatdoyoucall thing was "Porat." Nuff said. It's a tribute kind of day for everyone apparently... a-great success!


timekeeper said...

Very happy and enjoyable video. Are you feeling okay? Maybe you are feeling a little "locolo". (My word for today and definitely a description of many of the photos and comments on this site.)