Friday, July 16, 2010

Elements redux

This version is a much better marriage of music and imagery. If nothing else, it captures the, um, hallucinatory, vibe I was aiming for. Old Ludwig let me down there, I fear. I added on a surprise ending that I hope makes you smile.

Note: I changed the name of the blog back. Another victorious moment of oppression for Whitey--for all of you whities. My tiny white readership was grumbling, and though my very sizable non-white readership was remaining loyal to me (because they see my heart, my inner color, not my skin pigmentation), once again The Man gets what he wants. Frankly, I'm tired in my bones of The Man.

Makes me sing That Lucky Old Sun.

Good Lord, up above/
can't you hear me crying?
Tears all in my eyes?
Send down that cloud with your silvery lining.
Lift me to paradise!
Oh show me that river, take me across.
Wash all my troubles away.
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothing to do/
but roll around Heaven all day.



shinigami-sidhe said...

This tiny white reader appreciates your sacrifices.

Technoprairie said...

Woo Hoo! We have power!! The readers unite!! Now I wonder if we could use our power to have MB to post more happy happy pictures and less NOLA???

On another note, Nathan wants to point out that eyes are not considered an element.

On yet another note (pun intended as I have just realized that I made one!), I liked Elements with the first music. It was soothing and majestic and restful. I also liked redux. It made me think that video was haunting and edgy and mystical.

ps. was that my fireplace? I'd like to know that some part of my neat and tidy life participated in something arty and edgy.

pps. My captcha was "snessup". Sounds like a variation on fess up in which you unwillingly tell someone a half-truth.

Andy D. said...

Please please please, you must do a Redux Trois of this "Elements" one, or three or whatever -- using the music of the immortal "Earth, Wind & Fire."

Am I the only one thinking around here, people?? :)


I must now go plot my next move for hijacking the name of the blog for good...

PS -- I'm loving the captcha definitions from everyone! Keep em coming!!

Claudia said...

Cool! I like it. The Beethoven was nice, but somehow I doubt that Nice was what you were going for.

Mike Bailey said...

Technoprairie: I have no idea what Nathan is talking about. Isn't the following the standard (and commonly-accepted) table of elements?