Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No, YOU'RE inactive!

Be more constructive with your comments, Red Sign!



Anonymous said...

There HAD to have been some improving alteration you could have made to that SOB with a Sharpie. Suggestions from the peanut gallery, please!

"xIAMxSx Ix xNxxTxVx"

That's all I've got. Fail.

Andy D. said...

I'd start by using my Sharpie to correct the grammar: Siamese ARE inactive.

Then we could gave some fun.

This double-headed pipe may be turned off, but the Siamese are QUITE active, rest assured.

What are you stating at? These Siamese are inactive.

May I introduce you to my better half?

Inactive? How do you think we got here??

(Historical trivia note - what do you think the percentage is, in the history of the spoken word, when the word Siamese is NOT followed by the word twin? Not Siam, mind you - Suamese. I bet it's less than 3%, making this sign a statistical anomoly in every sense of the word.)

Only Siamese dogs may urinate here.

Siam I am; active I ain't.


Technoprairie said...

What about adding cats? Siamese cats are inactive. That would be true.

Anonymous said...

Siam I am; active I ain't.




Andy D. said...

Holy cow I got a bona fide laugh from Anonynius! It's like I climbed Mt Everest! Ha!!

Mike Bailey said...

Shoot, AD, I find Anonymous perfectly responsive to a *real* sense of humor.

He said in the most humorless response ever.

Anonymous said...

Translation on behalf of Dr. Mikey: "Dude, belief me--this is not something you want to elicit. I make anonymous laugh a lot and always immediately regret it 'cause it's, just, awful. And weird. And a scary laugh. And there's no stopping it once it starts. As your friend, I'm telling you. Just don't."