Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half-naked building-sized Ubermensch

The images of the half-naked woman were moving though I don't remember the building having a screen--perhpas the images were projected onto the building directly; I don't remember. If you haven't been to NYC's Times Square it's hard to conceive how large these images are. To the right of the woman was a huge billboard of Sean Combs looking to his right (i.e. at her). I got a few pictures of him looking at this woman, as it were, but the images didn't turn out well. Drat it all.

This woman's eyes are gi-normous. Is this our future? A race of giant-eyed beauties? I hope so.

Is LeBron going to play for the Knicks? (Probably not.) And am I the only one on this blog who cares? (Fo shizzle.)

And who IS better, LeBron or Kobe? LeBron has (slightly) better stats in virtually every category. Yet Kobe has the rings. (Kobe. But LeBron wasn't brought to court for...oh, forget it.)

And is a city filled with fantastically oversized images of gorgeous and charismatic persons crushingly depressing on account of how tellingly they remind you of your own comparative insignificance and utter lack of being, or is it thrilling by how it reimages the boundaries of human possibility?


Oh, and yes, these images were heavily manipulated. Yes. But no, I did not digitally remove her shirt. Or his.

Okay...I couldn't help but take up the challenge. So I just isolated S-Combs and punched dem s---s up, Diddy style. Not bad.

It's beyond my powers to describe how intoxicating this town is. Crazy alive and huge and gorgeous and a reawakening of senses and imagination and pure adrenalin for a heart pump pump pumping.


justcurious said...

Hmmm, if his contract calls for him to have one of those billboards wherever he goes, I'll start caring tomorrow when I write a letter to the editor tomorrow telling them why our fair city needs a prof. basketball team.

Anonymous said...

LeBron endorsed pineapple/misc. red fruits chewing gum with a caricature of his face on it.

I think that settles that.

Steven Taylor said...

My question: did the giant woman just pee on a stick to discover she was pregnant? She's certainly excited about whatever it is in her fingers.

If, in fact, she is pregnant, is Giant Diddy the daddy? Shirtless LeBron? And it is LeBron, will that make it more or less likely that he signs with the Knicks?