Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I am the owner of a new camera!!!

I picked up my daughters from swim practice this evening at 7:00. Somewhere between the time I picked them up and the time I got home I decided apropos of nothing to buy a new camera. It wasn't gradual. It came like a lightning shot. And forty-five minutes later I had purchased a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. I don't know what that means. Its zoom capacity was significantly larger than my present camera, and that's a big draw. It didn't have the swivel screen which facilitated my nook-and-cranny shooting (as Steven Taylor nicely dubbed it), but no camera features that any longer for reasons I don't understand at all. Also the lens looked bigger than most other compact cameras. Now I'm going to purchase an SLR and be a real photographer. Fo shizzle. Here's what my camera looks like with all the protective panels having come off from too much lovin.

This was the first picture taken with my new camera.


Andy D. said...

That's awesome!!!! Congrats!!

I love buyin new stuff.

You da man!!!


Technoprairie said...

What depth! What clarity! What passion! I'm sure Timekeeper can see all that in this picture just like I can.

timekeeper said...

You betcha!

Joyf said...

all those awesome photos, and you weren't even using an SLR? dang.


also, the photo for the "resume" above is very cool - what is it? i didn't want to get lumped in with the herd of commenters so i decided to ask here.

Mike Bailey said...


Thanks. It's a negative of jaw breakers in a jar at Honey Moon Bakery that I took from outside the shop.