Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on our fridge magnets

As Dave Barry said, there's a fine line between hobby and insanity. I'll let you decide which side of the line I'm on.


The good: The magnets are very cheap little souvenirs.

The bad: I want to buy a bigger refrigerator to display more cheap little souvenirs.


Steven Taylor said...

Metal wall, my friend, metal walls.

justcurious said...

magnetic paint

Anonymous said...

Your midwestern roots are showing. Any native of your adopted region would either have A) a second fridge on the back porch or in the scary add-on utility room or B)A deep freezer (likely in a mismatched pastel) on the back porch or in the scary add-on utility room.

And Rowlf the Dog should have his own appliance all to himself.

Anonymous said...

Considering this is one of my favorite things in our "decor", I should probably scratch "live in a showcase house" off my list of things I am remotely capable of doing.

timekeeper said...

Oops. That last post was me. Sorry, "A".