Monday, June 14, 2010

The Judgment Eyeball!

And part two. I couldn't decide which one to post since both are, to quote our friend Shinigami-Sidhe, right bloody fabulous. The top is a better photo but the bottom is a better image.

Anyone else out there see the Brando-esque quality (Think Apocalypse Now) to the dude in the top photo?


Andy D. said...

Honestly I'm not trying to be disagreable. I gotta be honest.

I don't see Brando. I see the facemelter Nazi dude at the end of Raiders.

That's not to say it's not a fabulous photo. It is. It's also not to acknowledge Raiders is somehow inferior to Apocolypse. It ain't.


Andy D. said...

Also the blue one is very "alien at end of Close Encounters who too bright to see."

But then the color one flesh him out.

Mike Bailey said...

andy: correct about the alien. badly mistaken about the facemelter nazi. even more badly mistaken about raiders not being inferior to apocalypse. it is. and the good people at the american film institute agree with me. a.n. was ranked 28th on their list of top 100 films. raiders was 60. then again, goodfellas is 94, which shows the whole list needs to be thrown out.

Steven Taylor said...

To me, all I see is Voodoo Girl.

I'm just haunted by it all, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Casino > Goodfellas. Just throwing that out there even though I know you both know it since neither of you are idiots.

And the top is more terrifying so it gets my vote. Even though it isn't as terrifying as the one of the vertical-motion, Gothic cookiecake maker valve thing.

timekeeper said...

Casino > Goodfellas?????? If you were not anonymous, I would find out your address and egg your house! Try Casino x 5 < Goodfellas. Fuggedaboud it!