Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is a huge file; it took me five minutes or so for the video to buffer completely. My suggestion: start it, push pause immediately, then go eat a donut (or some prunes if you prefer), and come back to view it when it's fully buffered. Enjoy.


Andy D. said...

Mine buffered in about five seconds, but thanks Honk.

I for one am shocked -- shocked -- it would occur to someone to use THAT music for this wonderful childhood activity. "art."... huh.

No seriously I liked it! Looks a lot like an ESPN/Shawn White montage!!


Mike Bailey said...

Andy D: Thanks, bro, (I say, ignoring all dem insults.)

timekeeper said...

Love the feeling that the music adds. What is an old-fashioned, quiet pleasure is now a rock 'n roll thrill ride! I love how the girls all started gabbing happily recounting sledding glory after they saw the video. I think you added enjoyment to an already enjoyable memory.

justcurious said...

I, for one, followed the serving suggestion. Who wouldn't want a donut with their morning montage? (I ignored the prune part.)

Mike Bailey said...

timekeeper: word.

JC: and no harm done, right?

jonbon said...

Re: the music.

Yes, Satan? Oh, i'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.

Mike Bailey said...


I just liked the drive, the skidding and bumping of it. I thought it matched the visuals perfectly. The MUSIC. Everyone knows I'm not a lyrics guy.

I'm a mood guy.

And I'm getting into a kind of brooding mood right now, Jonbon.

Ok....leave the office.