Sunday, June 06, 2010


Our church meets at the DeSoto Theater. The DeSoto Theater is, as you may have guessed, a theater. The theater has a really cool, very cluttered, and funky smelling control room (da bad kind of funky, not my cool white boy brand of funkiness). When especially inspired during church I sometimes I go back there snooping for photo opportunities and/or rodents. The control room is two rooms, actually. The larger room of the two has a big spotlight and trash from, oh, 1978. (So it's basically pretty cool.) The smaller one's special function, best I can gather, is to house a non-functioning toilet. Or something that looks a lot like a non-functioning toilet. I'm not sure what it is, actually. But in any event that tinier room is very dark (I couldn't find a light source) and has two tiny windows overlooking the theater. For this shot, I backed up as far as I could without actually falling into the toilet and took a picture of the praise band on the stage while they were, you know, praising. I haven't doctored the shot; I wish it came out clearer, and all my attempts to improve the original just made it worse.

Thanks to Justcurious, Paul Atkinson and Jeffrey Field for their help in building a resume for our friend, Tony Hayward. I invite your help as well. (See a couple posts down.)


Andy D. said...

tiniest room
no light source
toilet, working or not
tiny window overlooking
the sancuary
special brand o funky.

So is that a toilet for when the Pope finally visits?

Cause the man gonna want a workin john.

You're sure it's a toilet? Have you brought in artificial light to confirm?.... Please do so and report back.

shinigami-sidhe said...

Church inspires you to explore and take photos?

Mike Bailey said...

S-S: But wouldn't you approve?

Andy: I'll get back to you on the toilet. It might be a piece of art. You know, from Marcel Duchamp. Whew, I slay myself.



Andy D. said...

As one of my engineering professors (from New York originally) used to say to us, mid-lecture, after bombing us with several horrible puns and so on, only to receive groans and/or silence, "Deese are da jokes, folks!!"

Allison said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to investigate that room when I'm there for Elizabeth's rehearsal tomorrow night. How shall I explain myself?

Mike Bailey said...


Why explain yourself? I never do. Hold a camera in your hand and the world is yours for the taking.


Glad to have you in the house.

Steven Taylor said...

Wait--are you allowed to roam the church during the service to take pictures? Where do I get that deal?