Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prometheus. And muffin.

Or, as you know what I really think: Muffin. And Prometheus.

Mmm...blueberry muffin.

So good.

So so good.


shinigami-sidhe said...

you know, muffins spelled backwards is 'sniff 'um.'

This seems important. And good advice.

Andy D. said...

While that nice skater man was out filming the rink at high speed and perilous turn, risking life and limb to film for you at your urgent behest, did he know you were eating his muffin?

Mike Bailey said...

S-S: signficant, even.

Andy D: I gave him five dollars. I tipped him three dollars on top of that. More than enough to cover the coffee of his I stole. Almost enough to cover the muffin, too.

Andy D. said...

An yet nothin fo his tiiiiiiime....... You a bum, son.