Friday, June 11, 2010

Anonymous, FTW!!!


There’s a wonderful little book by Cornelius Plantinga called Not the Way It’s Supposed to be: A Breviary of Sin which is a brilliant exploration of sin and its ramifying effects. It read virtually autobiographically for me, and I found myself time and again hearing the equivalent of Marv Albert’s voice in my mind saying, “Yes!!!” Been there, done that. Yep yep yep.

But you already know all this if you’ve read this blog three times or more often. Shoot, I could practically rename this blog: Not the way it’s supposed to be.

And most of you would say, "Amen, brother."

But see, the tide has turned. Big time. Now I’m living a phase of my life that can only be categorized as “Things is goin’ like they should for a white boy with soul.”

Cuz here’s why. My blog peeps are buying me extremely cool stuff. First Andy D sent me the star-signed poster of The Godfather. Most def very cool. And now one of my readers, known to you as “Anonymous,” returned from Italy with a most extremely cool gift for me—a 45 rpm record issued in April of 1972 of the theme to The Godfather. In Italian. Be still my friggin' soul.

I mean….





Fo shizzle

Mos def

Anonymous, FTW!!!

So I got the single matted and framed and put it in the guest room--now known as “my room” on account of its extreme thug life gangsta vibe (Italian Style). I moved the painting of the dead rabbit (or, as my daughters now call it, “the dead bunny”) and put up a great painting of a bunch of Mafioso types that my sis-in-law gave to me. Her husband (or so he tells me) is a frequent visitor to the blog, but despite being extremely witty he simply refuses EVER to make a comment. So now with those three gifts I’ve got a Blog Peeps Corner.

On a completely different note, I shouldn’t like “Drop the World” by Lil’ Wayne and Eminem. But I do. Despite its mortifyingly hateful lyrics. What I love in particular is the creepy and crazy circus merry-go-round background counterpoint melody. I’m just saying…I like the creepy circus music.

Is what I’m saying.

I’m back. So please remember this. If you know only one thing it should be this: If you buy me cool stuff, that definitely makes you a cool person. That’s just a good life lesson to absorb and to live by my dear friends.

Oh, Justcurious once mailed me a single sock in an envelope along with a wildly inappropriate and politically incorrect joke. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

That counts, too. That made her hood in my book.

But this is Anonymous’ moment. Thanks for the brilliant gift, A


P.S. Technoprairie and her family sends me marshmellow "peeps of the month," yes, every single month.

Please note: This. Does. Not. Count.


Anonymous said...

If I died right now, I would die happy. And, at the same time, not really die at all. It's no longer possible--'cause I'm on a wall, m*therf*ckers, don't you ever forget.


justcurious said...

Why don't I see the horse's head that was left on your bed on display in the thug corner? Is it because it was taken from a child rather than legitimately purchased? Seems like that would make it even more respeckful. That and the fact that whispered deals were made among the lower thug ranks to pull it off. Tell the truth -- it scares you too much to talk about it.

Mike Bailey said...

justcurious, let me axe you this. since when did this blog become about NOT me?


truth is, one of my part-swedish thuglets last had the horse's head.

good luck to us all to find it.

Andy D. said...

That, is an awesome gift!

And what a perfect time for Anonymous to step to the front of the stage and accept their standing applause properly, and deservedly, under their given name!! Which is ---- ??


shinigami-sidhe said...

Andy D-I agree! Well, maybe not about the given name, but some uniquely identifying moniker preferably with links to profile pages/blogs so that we can all speculate about who Anonymous really is.

I am not trying to figure out what things I have around that I could send MB to get my own adulatory post. I am more mature than that. I don't need to start bribing blog authors/former professors just so they will post pictures of what I send them online. I don't need to have MB writing S-S FTW posts about me to boost my ego. I have other things to aspire to. Really. Honest. I got a poll, I don't need to do this.

Mike Bailey said...

S-S: I'll check the mail. Lookin' forward to what you're sending me.

Anonymous said...

You know what's going to happen and be awesome? When the 'Name Anonymous' poll goes up. That's going to happen and be awesome.

Mike Bailey said...

what an odd feeling coming over me, as though i've been hypnotized...or maybe subject to a voodoo spell

feel...strangely make new poll. poll...


Technoprairie said...

Wait till you see what we got you last week.... Start cleaning off a spot for this baby.