Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are you made of?

Photo of a TAG Heuer poster in the window (watch and hand) and a nearly seamless reflection of the street behind me.

This advertising campaign is really effective, in my humble. I'm not the world's most materialistic dude (or anywhere close to it) and I have no sense of fashion it would seem. (As friends delight in telling me.) But I must say that I like these watches. Basically I need one. Yeah, need.

And a BMW. I need one of them, too. But other than those two things, I'm good to go. (Except for my future camera.)

So when my buddy Andy let me drive his new BMW, I was stunned by how many thoughts of sumpin sumpin came immediately to mind. I know, it's cliched. But they weren't lascivious thoughts at all. But the ride sparked a parallel line of thinking. That machine allowed for a very pleasing connection between mind, intentionality, body and external responsiveness. Plus the engine growled.

In German.

I'm just saying.



Andy D. said...

F. Before I forget, no you cannot have, or wear, the watch.

Thanks to this posting, probably ever. In fact, just put it out of your mind.

Andy D. said...

A. You neglected to mention that the only person driving with you while you were having those "urges," was me. Perv.

B. Double perv.

C. Did I mention I do have a Tag watch?

D. Had I been wearing the Tag watch while sitting idly as your passenger in the BMW, I fear your blog would now be called Eyeballs, Jibber Jabber, and male on male date rape.

E. You a nasty, nasty man.

Andy D. said...

Yo Anonymous - check out my delayed Sharpie thoughts in response to your Siamese post, a few posts down. Come on, keep em coming!!

Andy D.

Steven Taylor said...

I take it that Andy D. went into a more lucrative line of work than academia, what with the fancy cars, watches, sense of style and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

When Eyeball Central turns the corner to male on male date rape, I want an invite to the launch party.

There'll be Tag swag, right?

chise said...

Hi, I was just stopping by and say I really like this photo.

I'm studying Max Weber now and I think this reflects his idea a lot...I wish this picture was a proper Tag Heuer advert haha

Please keep going, and enjoy your pictures :)