Saturday, December 19, 2009

Non-negative photos, pt. 9 of 10 (From the top down)

I started taking these photos from an escalator going to the top level of Kaufman Stadium to see the a Royals game in July. How could I resist those shadows.

So dreamy, so beautiful, those shadows.


My favorite image is the fourth down (I think). You see the shadow of a little boy holding his mom's hand. Something about that image reminds me of that iconic John John image. So I went to look at it and, you know, there's virtually nothing similar about them. So I don't know what it is, exactly, that triggers such a strong association between the two images for me. Perhaps you can tell me.


justcurious said...

Sure, the shadow looks very much like the multiple images we know of JJ holding Jackie O's hand during the funeral proceedings. He had on shorts, had short hair, was on her left. I thought the same.

Mike Bailey said...

That's good to know. The only image that popped up was of him saluting. I had thought there was also a picture of him holding his mom's hand, but I figured I had remembered incorrectly.

Steven Taylor said...

I call these "Queuing up for the Death Panels"

Mike Bailey said...

Steven: I confess that this interpretation challenges anything negative I could have thought of. Bravo. The only thing worse would be "trapped in line for a Palin book signing."


Steven Taylor said...