Monday, December 07, 2009

More human than human, part 2

“Slow moving... Meat eating... Here longer than we humans have been.... Silently plotting... Rotting yet still alive...”--AD

'Tis a poem.

And nearly like the prayer I pray every night.


1. I'm pretty sure that somewhere several years ago I posted a photo with the title "More Human Than Human." If not, I should have. Thus the "part 2."

2. Here's why I'm proud of myself. I'm at work, and while normally I don't post from my work computer, today is "dead day" for the students so I'm not quite as harried as usual. But that's not why I'm proud of myself. What I'm proud about is that I happened to have a weird vegetable photo that I took on my work computer. Given that I have very few of my photos on my work computer, I feel lucky. It's certainly not the most zombie-like of my plant photos, but it'll do until I go home this evening and search for a truly zombie-like plant.


Andy D. said...

What I like best here is that the title now merges the plant/zombie idea perfectly.

What I also -- hey wait a minute. Wait just a cotton pickin minute. Are those artichokes? Because if those are artichokes -- the best vegetable ever -- then we got us some talkin to do.

More compliments to follow, as soon as we get small matter this cleared up.

Michael B said...

Nope. Not artichokes. Corn. No, wait. Carrots.

Andy D. said...

Oh ok, good.

So what I also like is the irony that we're discussing this on "dead day." Very very clever.

There are just zombie analogies all around us, if only people would wake up and see it.

... Are you sure they're not artichokes?

Michael B said...

One must wear one's zombie-tinted lenses, as it were, to think all of life is zombie-embued. it definitely can be done.

living rotting flesh is, in fact, a terror of mine.

did i just say that out loud?


definitely NOT artichokes. they're pumpkins. open your eyes, fool.

Squish said...

I don't know what I am more fascinated by: the brilliance of the entry (especially the photo, title, and poem) or the brilliance of this interaction (Michael and Andy D.)...

Andy D. said...

Thanks Squish, and (earlier) Claudia.

For good or bad, this is just a day in the long life of our friendship... While upon a casual glimpse one might think it's all fun and games, we can assure you that a even short visit behind the curtain might reveal it's more like a derailed circus train car -- "Freaks and monkeys, everywhere." And no sign of the clean up crew...

But in the meantime, thanks! :)


Claudia said...

I like that artichokes (one of my favorite veggies) have been chosen for this auspicious veg/zombie post. I think that with their spiney leaves and hairy center, they are perfect!

(Hi, right back at ya Andy D.)

(and nice photo the focus/out of focus thing going on.)

Squish said...

Andy D.- I absolutely love it; and even envy it a bit.

Squish said...

And MB- you really have a knack for capturing the beauty in the ordinary; the unnoticed. This picture makes me want to really look at things, not just look, examine. search it. To find its beauty.

Michael B said...

I be the freaks. He be the monkeys. Or is it vice versa?

In college we nearly came to a "real life I ain't joking" fist fight about which of is more like Ernie and which is more like Bert.

My interpretation: Once upon a time I was Ernie, back then at the time of the fight. Now I'm Bert. He WAS Bert. But now he's Ernie. But he always wanted to be Ernie when, in fact, he was the least Ernie-like boy in the history of boys. Good grief, he was a class-a grump, a Bert 100% through and through.

Yeah, it ain't no walk in the park being us. Circus train wreck, indeed.

Michael B said...

Squish--bless you and your beautiful innocence. Believe you me, there's nothing here to envy about the twos of us.

Unless you like bad accents, in which case, lawd amighty, you'd be in heaven.

thank you for your very kind photography compliment. i do appreciate it very much.

Claudia: thanks to you, too!! but they're not artichokes, they're string beans.

justcurious said...

Good grief, it's so simple. Which of you had the rubber ducky, which had the paper clips?

Squish said...

MB- Is making the assumption that you don't know who this is, correct?

Michael B said...


i think i had the ducky. he had homework.

squish: oh no no no. i do not make assumptions about who my anonymous readers are. i did once and, oh boy, what a story that is. just ask justcurious. hoo boy.

So I have a feeling who "anonymous" is. I think it's the same author as cebc. And I "think" I know who you are Squish, but how could i know for sure? You compliment me and my friend, so I know you're brilliant. That much is obvious.

This is who I am: Michael Edwin Bailey. I work at Berry College in Rome, GA. I'm married to Julianne Bailey, and I have three daughters.

Boom. It's out.

Technoprairie said...

Now even though I disagreed with Prof Mikey on the subject of vegetables, I'm not sure you could classify artichokes as vegetables. I would classify them as projects. When we had them last, my dh said that they were way too much work for the amount of food you get and I agreed.

I guess they would make great table decoration, but you could starve before you get enough off of one of those things.

Michael B said...


Preach it, Sister.

But I must admit they are delicious projects.

Andy D. said...

Wow I'm gone for a few hours and it's while everyone's here!

First things first. Yes, we did have a Bert/Ernie fight, and yes, he did call me Bert. And yes, he is now more Bert. But the real revelation is - NO ONE wants to be Bert, and EVERYONE wants to be Ernie. Kids, parents, grandparents - all want to be Ernie. You find me someone who says he wants to be Bert, and I will show you a sociopath who will look at you and LIE. That's my theory.

"Oh yeah really. I want to be Bert... But, well, only if I can't be Oscar." "Yeah, sure, you liar."

Also, the final revelation at the time of the argument was mine, that MB's theory about us was completely wrong. My view? I am Grover, the coolest muppet on SS, and MB is old Mr. Hooper. Still today. Sweeping up his shop, and selling malts to The Count. (Historical note: This argument was in 1986, so there was no Elmo yet. Otherwise guess who I would've pegged as Elmo.)

MB - you gave up the real name and locale??? Holy smokes, Batman, the jig is up!!

All right, it's midnight. I gotta get to bed. After I go peel an artichoke to unwind...

Final plant/zombie crossover thought in my brain for today. Five words: Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

justcurious said...

Well, mystery and intrigue out the window.

Michael B said...

well... the anonymity was there because that way i could be bold and say stuff that family, colleagues and students wouldn't be able to pin on me. but i don't write objectionable things about colleagues and students. ever. and family knows about it, even if they shake their heads in disbelief. so...what's the point of mystery and intrigue?

(yes, i knew you were joking, btw.)

shinigami-sidhe said...

Your middle name is Edwin?! Cool.

You should now host a cocktail party for your blog commentators so we can all really feel like one big happy family.

squash said...

You're so... out. Your real name is all over the place. It almost makes me want to come out of the closet. Almost.