Friday, December 11, 2009


I can do pretty, too, you know. And now is the season (check out last December's posts) when Steven Taylor torments me for posting only doom and gloom. So I've been looking over my 2009 photos to post some end-of-year happy pictures.

No, don't laugh.

I'm not finished with my search. I'll find something, I'm quite confident. First searches are often inadequate. They're in there. Plenty of them. Just you wait.


Oh, on an altogether different note, if anyone would like to email me a couple happy photos, that'd be just great.


Andy D. said...

Feel free to use it, Chief.

Or, hit us with some more action holiday shots of the Queen Ann's Lace. Or as I call it - get the Lace, in that vase, out my face.

Irwin M. Fletcher, you choose.

Mike Bailey said...

You're good to me. We'll show him, that Steven Taylor.

Oh, I got happy right here for ya, pal.

Julie said...

I like when you do "pretty" every now and then. Definitely prefer it to the screaming mouth of hell or zombie children.

But...your work is always aesthetically pleasing, no matter what the content!

Mike Bailey said...

Julie-- well, shoot, i'll post more pretty from now on. i'll tick up the pretty:non-pretty ratio a bit.

shinigami-sidhe said...

I would like to officially register myself as protesting the pretty. Bring back the zombie children!

Steven Taylor said...

Ah, mi amigo, not just "pretty" (as we ALL know what that means). I want to see something arty yet not pretty and not about death.

No creepy voodoo dolls need apply.

Steven Taylor said...

But fo sho, the top one is charming and not at all negative.