Monday, December 14, 2009

Fighting through the lighthouse cliche

Or trying to in any event.


Technoprairie said...

Now this looks like a lighthouse might look in one of Dicken's more depressing stories. This definitely is a haunted lighthouse, if I've ever seen one. Not that I have, but I'm just saying.

Squish said...

Foreboding and eerie... I like it.

Steven Taylor said...

That's freakin' genius.

Steven Taylor said...

Although I fear it does evoke death.

I mean come on: when has anything good ever happened in a tower?

Mike Bailey said...

Technoprairie: oh, but you have. (evil laugh here.)

Squish: Now see, I'll need to hear a lot more of this in 2010 when I go back to being depressing and creepy. You're there for me, and I appreciate it.

Steven Taylor: Brilliant observation about towers as being sources of evil.

It's related to their phallic nature, I fear.

Oh, this photo don't count as one of the ten. I just had to express my true nature just one more time before I took the big plunge into chronic cheeriness.

Steven Taylor said...

Hey, now: sometimes a tower is just a tower.

(Even if a cigar isn't).