Monday, December 14, 2009

Non-negative photos, pt. 1 of 10 (Red, blue and green).

Okay, I start for real now. The lighthouse was just a little warm-up, a little practical joke between you and me.

Ha ha. Whew. Good one.


Anonymous said...
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- said...

So, what do YOU think about these pictures?

Steven Taylor said...

Hmm. Is it not my job to try and negate your non-negativity?

I think the that first two shot evoke being lost. That's pretty negative right there, if you ask me.

And the bottom one just reminds us all that plant life creates CO2 and we all know that CO2 is going to be the death of us all.

Thanks for the cherry photos, MB.

justcurious said...

Well! Bright AND happy! You're on your way!

Mike Bailey said...

-: I'm must start by saying that I like the new level of anonymity you've taken your signature. I think you should stick with it because it's SO anonymous that it's a giveaway that it's you.

What do I think about them, huh? Most importantly, I think they meet the criteria for my ten posts. I also think I may regret lumping them together as a single post when I run out other material.

As for what I think of the photos, what I think that..hey!!!....who asks the questions around here?! My oh my, you almost caught me. Oh, you're good alright. Very good.

Andy D. said...

It's like I've suddenly opened the Control Panel and am looking at all the hap hap happy shots that Microsoft would think might be adequate to serve as my wallpaper.

If Simon Cowell were here, he would tell this singer they would someday be a great singer on a cruise ship.

Very colorful though! Very very colorful. And not in the least negative.

Squish said...

Steven, you are brilliant.

MB, hmmm... The red one is nice, it would be nicer if there were shadows surrounding it and creepy eyes looking through it.