Monday, December 07, 2009

IT'S PLANTS!!!!! ZOMBIES BE PLANTS!!!!!!! (!!!!!)

This zombie swallowed up a river!!!

This zombie ate a biker!! Poor thing.

This zombie is disguised as Mick Jagger's lips!!!

This zombie is about to hatch!!

Look at the...the...the...umm, "claws" on this zombie!!!

“Slow moving... Meat eating... Here longer than we humans have been.... Silently plotting... Rotting yet still alive...”


Andy D. said...

All good photos - the biker one is too funny though with that caption! Reminds me of a (pretty awful) movie I came upon late one night on HBO - The Ruins. Don't go rent it - but if you ever find it late at night on the 13th channel of HBO, I'll be able to say "I told you so..."

Claudia said...


Mike Bailey said...

claudia--excellent. need we say more?

Julie said...

Kudzu...definite evidence of evil in plant form.

Like the top picture. I can feel a zombie like presence. Those weeds would wrap around your feet and legs, then drag you to a watery death.

I happen to be reading Pride and Prejudice and zombies at night, and listening to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters on my way to work. That photo captures both beautifully.

Steven Taylor said...

Why do I hear Mr. Krabs when I read the post title?

Andy D. said...

ST -- at last, a post from someone I can understand and relate to!

MB, rockin the Spongebob.