Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Non-negative photos, pt. 3 of 10 (red, blue, green and yellow)

See how I did that? You didn't know the past two posts were leading to this, did you?

"Why I Take Such Clever Photos" by Friedrich Bailey

The photo is of a stained-glass window from a church in town where Lydia is taking a communicant's class.


Andy D. said...

Well I love this one. Sincerely, it's very pleasing.

Just need to ask, where do we go next, and how do we get to ten? Even if you'd played out the entirety of roygbiv we'd be stuck at number seven. Then you go and unload the entire palatte on number three.

So it's your move, Holmes.

Dont ruin it by using a positive negative that's really a negative negative. then we're back to zero. So don't rush it. That's all I'm talkin about, don't rush it, Holmes.

Julie said...

Reminds me of decorative tiles in a casino.

This is just a personal, visual response. No meaning intended.

Mike Bailey said...

Julie: now, come on, you can admit that that's pretty funny, right, that you see casino in a church stained-glass window, no?

as mr. pascal said some centuries ago, church is, in a way, a kind of gamble.

i think it's funny, in any event. maybe i'm making light.

because what *i* see in this shot is something akin to how star wars starts with the scrolling text that rolls over the reader. come on, you can see it, can't you?

Steven Taylor said...

Don't they talk about Hell and stuff at church? Pretty negative stuff, if you ask me.