Monday, November 09, 2009

Your wish is my command, Justcurious

One must be careful for what one wishes. Bwaaha ha haaaa!!


timekeeper said...

Well, since the scary child is off the page, let's turn our analysis to the lovely lady in these pics. Let's all analyze each of her pictures in detail. (I know, I shouldn't encourage him, but when you try to tell the tyrant what to do, jc, it can get ugly fast).

justcurious said...

I love them!

See, I'm not the only one who can create a monster!!!

Andy D. said...

Hold on. Now the powers are taking requests? Alls I got for my request was the Great and Powerful Oz sending me on a cross country mission! But I guess he reserved the right to embarrass you further, at his discretion, so at least that's something along the lines of reserving total control.

JC, what is your daughter looking at in the last photo? My guess: Zombiechild?

justcurious said...

I meant to say (upon reflecting on the possible choices from your archive), a thousand pardons for my impudence.

And I can call you Dr. Jibber Jabber if that would be more respectful.

justcurious said...

AD - Yes, she is also afraid of the photo making a comeback. She refuses to believe that is indeed her friend.