Monday, November 02, 2009

Untitled (for now)

As measured by how close I came to realizing my goal, this is one of my best photos. Dare I say it? I think with this I may have made

Nope, can't say it.

Nor can I bear to title it. Yet. I'll probably go with the obvious "exit," but I don't want to. Yet.

The effect I wanted is the effect Van Gogh captures perfectly with Wheatfield with Crows. I don't dare put post that masterpiece here (yet) because it would utterly overwhelm this photo not only in color but also in emotional drama. But the intent is the same. And I think it captures that intent about as well as my finite talent will allow.


Julie said...

Was that not Van Gogh's last painting? The foreshadow of his death? Not sure I'm correct on that one, but I thought it was around the time he shot himself.
So, is (potential name) "Exit" about death? If so...I can see that.

Andy D. said...

I do like this, a lot. Since I wasn't part of the goal-setting, photo-taking phase, I don't think I have enough appreciation for your objective and what you went through to meet it, so it doesn't become one of my personal favorites like it did for you. But very nice. And out of respect for your artistic goal/accomplishment, having now read your entry about it (rather than my first impulse when all I saw was "untitled), I will resist the first impulse I had to play the photo naming game.


Michael B said...

Julie: Yep, it was his last painting. And, yes, everyone (myself included) reads that last painting to be about death in some way.

That being said, I will use this forum to state that I do not intend for this to be my last photo on the blog, nor do I intend to slice off my ear (I'm too anti-pain and anti-bloody mess) or shoot myself (or off myself by other available means).

Andy: Most of my photos have lots of contrast and one's eye (usually) knows what to do. Here I intentionally flattened things out, made them very stark. The sky is oppressively, um, gray. One's eye is drawn to the "exit," which is simultaneously perfectly clear and altogether unclear in its meaning. In other words, all the ingredients one needs for a thoroughly depressing evocation of death. It's not that I like the photo. I actually find it unpleasant to look at. It's just effective, I think.

Julie said...

I did a good job capturing your content in this piece. Even without the Van Gogh reference, I think death could be picked up quickly.

I don't find the sky very depressing or gray. To me, the sky is beautiful and expansive. It's like the journey you are cut short from when the exit sign (like slamming into a wall) tells you to go no further. (exit stage left)

justcurious said...

Has anyone called this Art yet? Art.

Michael B said...

Justcurious: Thanks, I appreciate the high praise. Really really.

Steven Taylor said...

I like it. Very much.

Exit. Stage Left.