Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mary, Mother of God

The photo above is a cropped and digitally altered version of the original shot shown below. I took this photo at the assisted living quarters where Juli's aunt now lives. The statue is in front of a window, and I lined up the angle of the shot to create the effect I wanted. I don't know whether it's intended to be Mary. Nor do I know whether Mary is truly the Mother of God. But it's certainly a nice story, and lots of Catholics think she is. So for the purposes of this shot, she is. Funny, I didn't notice the statue at all when I walked inside the building and it was facing directly ahead. Instead, I only noticed it when I was leaving, and I noticed it at an angle. I took this as significant at the time (one might say it seemed pregnant with meaning for me), and that's part of the reason I took the shot.

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