Sunday, November 22, 2009

out the blue

This image is derived from the one taken below. Our family went to the Booth Museum of Western Art a month or so ago. They hold a "no photos" policy that's consistent with the policy of art museums everywhere, especially for exhibits (as opposed to permanent holdings) and new acquisitions. I intended to honor the policy because I generally think it best to respect people's requests, especially when one is in their own home, so to speak. I also know, however, that the purpose of the policy is to maintain the integrity of the art and to control how images of the art are managed to make the art-going experience as unique and attractive as possible. (And obviously to make sure no one else profits from their unique exhibit.) Got it. Sensible and perfectly fair. So I stuffed my camera in my front jeans pocket (creating a look that may well have startled other patrons). I wandered about the museum looking at some perfectly marvelous art, untempted (or minimally tempted) to bust out my camera. But then I saw this shadow of a statue of a cowboy on the wooden floor, and a conversation ensued between an angel and a devil on my shoulders.

And really is it my fault if the angel was a poor rhetorician and lost hands down?

Plus did I mention that there was a shadow involved? How am I supposed to resist that? Really. How?

So I pulled out the camera, kept it waist high and to my side, pointed it in the area of the shadow, and clicked. Then off I went to the restroom to see whether the photo turned out. It did. I was pleased.

And while inside the bathroom, liberated from the law and flush with sin, as it were, I took a few more photos. I'll show you at least one of them another time.

Sounds like all the trappings of a problem, doesn't it? A real problem. An intervention-worthy problem.

But save yourself the trouble. Instead, buy me a new high-octane camera. Preferably one that can be stuffed inside the front pocket of my jeans.

This is the original photo, untouched.

The thing that drives me to madness about this photo is that awful electrical outlet, so I cropped the photo closer it to get rid of that. Below.

This is better, but I was still curious about what the shadow would look like without contextualing or orienting markers. Boom. And you get this below.

I liked this ok, but it wasn't as haunting or as disorienting as what I saw implicit in this shot. I played around with the image some more until I settled on the photo at the top.

Three more things.

1. I imagine, reader, that you won't like the top image most. That's okay. I still love you.

2. The Booth Museum is truly wonderful--and quite remarkable for a small town like Cartersville, GA. Go to it, pay admission, and enjoy the wonderful exhibits and holdings. Refrain from outside-the-bathroom picture taking. Even more importantly, refrain from inside-the-bathroom picture taking.

Okay, a third thing.

3. Fistful of Love by Antony & The Johnsons (with Lou Reed) is an amazing song. Just thought you'd like to know. Currently it's my favorite photo/blogging song.

Oh, and let's throw a fourth in there.

4. The Beatles continue to blow my mind. More on which later. A lot more. Also just thought you'd want to know.

And fifth.

5. Out the Blue is a title of a John Lennon song. Oh, the things you learn on this blog.

Or not.


justcurious said...

Come on now, it's blue. Who wouldn't like it?

Technoprairie said...

I like the top one best. The others are pretty good for shadows on floors, but the blue one is otherworldly. It looks like the crime scene from some cool book or some amazingly weird Star Trek alien from another dimension coming to take over the world.

Andy D. said...

Yes I see the point, Technoprairie. Or maybe not. Some kind of weird Star Trek shadow-being -- wearing a ten gallon hat. Ok I'm going to have to think on that one for awhile...

MB, come on, give us a little hint (like we can't guess already). The "in-bathroom" shot. It was a recreation of the "illegal in-museum shot," involving some combination of a flourescent light, a tile floor, a shadow, a cowboy hat -- and you.

Wasn't it.

It's this kind of thing that makes the museum guards wish the patrons who are intent to break the rules, would just stick to plain old photographing the exhibits... Is there a "police blotter" column for the museum's weekly email to patrons, there, that we could check out? "Unit 4-0, copy; we got another naked cowboy pho-tog in the Men's Room on Two... Come back?... Affirmative. I said both 'camera on,' and 'whilst in the act of shooting.'..."


Michael B said...

Well, now I know who cares for me welfare and who doesn't: Justcurious and Technoprairie do, and Andy D doesn't. Oh, it's as plain as day. And here's the great irony, were I to be (yet again) in that situation that you describe, Andy D, I'd have to call (yet again) some stinkin' lawyer like you to get me out.

The ironies of life.

justcurious said...

Hey, have you forgotten about my I Know a Little About A Lot legal clinic? I'll admit it's very hit or miss but the rates are good.

Michael B said...

Readers, prepare for a run-on sentence:

In large part on account of her husband's legal education and subsequent career as professor of business law, Justcurious does, in fact "know a little about a lot of law" and therefore has been tempted to open up a legal shop based on "things i've heard my husband discussing from time to time."

i'm not sure, however, that that would cover what Andy D is discussing.

justcurious said...

What's fuller of crap than the business world? His essay questions definitely cover stall law.

Technoprairie said...

Hey Andy, if Star Trek can have villians that were Chicago gangsters or 1960's hippies, they can surely have an interdimensional cowboy who wants to come back and take over the galaxy.

justcurious said...

Andy, if it's Star Trek meets ten gallon hats you want, look no further than the now defunct but unfortunately available on Netflix series, Firefly. Critically acclaimed, 15 actual viewing fans. One lives in my house. I'll deny the denigration if it ever comes to it.

shinigami-sidhe said...

Jc-Don't diss Firefly! I am deeply disappointed in you right now.

Actually, the Space Cowboy is a fairly well-known trope in anime, and there's an Australian sword swallower who goes by that moniker. He's really hot, too.

justcurious said...

SS - Sometimes you have to work to keep liking a person. That's what blog family is all about. How about this... between the cute captain, the idiot savant mechanic woman and the high class "companion" (desired as much for her mind as her body, of course), it was quirky enough to be entertaining, in a spacely kind of way.

shinigami-sidhe said...

JC-I can deal with that. If we are all friendly to our blog family here, are we a family-friendly blog by default, meaning we can talk about whatever we want?

justcurious said...

SS - As usual, I like how you think!

Michael B said...

Technoprairie: don't listen to you know who. I get you. And that's what matters. Every time I look at this photo it says Star Trek all the more. He's just embarrassed he didn't think of your point first.