Friday, November 27, 2009

Homage to Technoprairie's Blog

MB style.

Which one is better, above or below?


Andy D. said...

Top. That, I do know.

Technoprairie said...

Top one for sure. You can't quite tell if that is really a broken plate or not in that one.

So what's the story behind the picture?

Michael B said...

Lydia microwaved this meal for lunch and when she opened the microwave door the plate--pop!--just split in two!

I picked up the plate to drop it into the trash, and as I did so that as I slightly separated the two sections, it created what I thought was an arresting image.

So I thought, hmmm.....well, you know I could simultaneously do a Technoprairie shout-out while also taking a weird photo.

When Juli saw the photo for the first time (the top one) she said, "what's that brown stuff?" She didn't see that the plate had broken. Normally, that would have thrilled me, but for some reason I "panicked" and decided to let the reader see more easily what the image was.