Monday, November 02, 2009

shoe in the face

I worry about running out of ideas for photos. True, I've probably never taken an original shot in my life. Photographers come back to the same stuff time and again--clouds and ferns and shadows--because these things are visually arresting. But I'm still exploring, and since I don't follow photography as closely as I do painting, I am not constantly reminded of how unoriginal I am. I live within the happy illusion of creativity. But what when that feeling, no matter how illusory, dries up?

I'll be sad is what.


shinigami-sidhe said...

The teacher at a dance workshop I attended talked about inspiration, that it is all around us, even from the nasty cowbirds that destroy other birds eggs and sneak their own into the same place. These birds are ugly and evil, but even they can teach us how to dance. She finished by saying, in the sweetest tone possible, that as artists we have to open our hearts.

Then in the exact same sweet tone she started talking about her sex life.

Take from this what you will.

Michael B said...

Oh, it'd be tragic if the two weren't connected!

I mean, sex is as close to a genuinely "creative" act as humans (or any sexual creature) can get--at least potentially.

That's why I think God is pro-sex. Sex is that moment where (a) humans are at their most creative (literally), and (b) they find unity beyond themselves.

But enough (and probably too much) about that.

timekeeper said...

Waaaaayyyy too much! Let's not open our hearts too much to the blogosphere, I'm begging you!

Michael B said...

I thought of that as sharing a train of thought, not the inner feelings of my heart. But I think I gots your message plenty loud and plenty clear:

Shut the *&%! up.

Got it, chief.

Julie said...

Don't think of your work as repeating is just further exploring an idea. I have a book I want to send to you. You may find it helpful...or just think it's crap...but it talks about such things.
Finding your voice,...YOUR a journey. Scary at times and can leave you feeling quite "exposed".

shinigami-sidhe said...

MB-I completely agree, this is why I read erotic sacred poetry.

Timekeeper-I apologize for bringing it up. I tend to forget that some societal protocols exist.

Andy D. said...

I apologize, but I feel compelled by this chain of discussion to quote one of my favorite Seinfeldisms, by George:

"Now wait a minute. You call me up, invite me here to lunch, tell me [you think God is pro-sex], and then tell me you're not in the mood to give details?

You listen to me. I've got no job, no girlfriend, I live with my parents - you're not in the mood??? Well you GET in the mood!!!"

Michael B said...

Julie: If you want me to read an art book, you've caught me at a good time. I greatly appreciate it.

S-s: You did fine. I didn't do anything wrong either. I think me own timekeeper was wondering whether this was the introduction to a longish discussion about it, in which case she'd wisely want me to use my brain.

George: I'd be happy to, of course, but I can only do so much, you know.

Julie said...

The book should be on its way through the Berry mail system. If you don't get it in a couple of days, let me know. I will give Chuck a polite reminder of the favor (hopefully, book won't live on his desk for months).

I found the book to be a good vehicle for thinking about my own work. Maybe it will be worth your time....who knows.

Steven Taylor said...

It's always about the sex with you, isn't it?

And the death.