Thursday, November 12, 2009


Slave as a I am to fashion and public opinion, I took the third pic down. Then slave as I am to the owner of the magic blue table, I put it up, this time uncropped.

Rome has a fountain that creates a perfect sheet of water. I stuck my camera behind the sheet of falling water and took my own picture.

A number of years ago Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves starred in a horrid movie called
The Devil's Advocate. Just dreadful.

Except it had one feature I found terribly powerful. Some characters were agents of the devil, and they presented themselves as perfectly lovely people. Outwardly. But Keanu (and the movie viewer) had the ability to see their ugly evil insides, their looks as representative of their true characters.

I've often wondered what I'd look like were my outward appearance to reveal my inner thoughts.



Andy D. said...

"Dreadful"? What about those neked devils though?

Ok seriously though, I love the top two ones here. I get the metaphor, and independently of it I love the two images. The bottom one less so -- it looks oddly music-video-ish to me, kind of like Pink Floyd meets Talking Heads? But to me it's not the daylight aspects that makes it different, it's the size of the "head" being so large.

Great, innovative work though, seriously.


Michael B said...

Hi, I'd like to introduce to you my friend, Jibber Jabber. We also call him Enormo Dome. Or sometimes just "Big Head." The key with him is to just nod a lot and let him talk.

Oh, and sometimes we call him Talking Big Head Floyd.

Andy D. said...

"You can pixelate his physical ugliness, but you can still hear him talking!"

Andy D. said...

PS -- excellent work on the "Enormo Dome" reference.

Julie said...

I agree with Andy about the 3rd one, it almost has a caricature quality. Kind of Jay Leno-esque. But, I enjoy that about it.

I wonder why you think you might be so disturbing if seen on the inside. Very interesting concept... if everyone could show us what they thought they might look like on the inside it would be fascinating. I had a student who drew her self portrait as though she looked like Marilyn Monroe...let's just say she was very generous with herself. I have a feeling, or maybe a hope, that you are pretty tough on your own idea of self. Very interesting idea...bravo sir.

Technoprairie said...

As a master of fashion, I say put Number 3 back up and take down 1. I much preferred #3. Number 1 looks too mangled for me.

Andy D. said...

Julie: It because he a disturbed man. Chinese proverb: "Only man who most disturbed make most disturbing self-portrait."

Or as I would say, re the prior post: "He muss feel lika broken damn mirra. Shoooooooooot."


justcurious said...

That does make it less Jay Leno and more Elephant Man.

Michael B said...

Bless you.

timekeeper said...

But how come in #3 our noses are the same size?

Michael B said...

What are you talking about? Why is it that I don't understand the most basic questions any more? Why is it that my capacity for understanding, um...what are those things calle?....oh, yeah, words. Why can't I understand words?

So what are you talking about? Is my nose big in that picture?? I thought it was especially small in the photo.

timekeeper said...

I was referring to something said to us at Winn Elementary and the resulting totally inaccurate use of a tape measure, thereafter. But I say too much.

Michael B said...

Right. The tape measure. It comes back to me now.

I remember it being big, the nose.