Saturday, July 30, 2011

Artsy broken record

Virtually every picture here is a repeat from elsewhere on the blog.  It seems that each video is more fun to make than the last.  I had too much fun making this for it to be legal.  However,  I swear I didn't know how to end this thing.  Until I did.  And I haven't stopped smiling since. 

Oh, note that I slipped in one quick eyeball in one image near the end--though the video is not eyeball-y enough, in my judgment, to warrant an "eyeball" label.  Does it make any difference one way or another?  No.  But must one have a hobby?  Well, I don't know, but "I" do.


Andy D. said...

Seriously, I really liked this! I love the music, what is it? I thought the selections of the pictures, and of the art they showed, fit really well, and I loved how the pictures kind of "danced" to that beat. It was just really soothing, but also really shows off nicely a lot of the pictures you've taken along the way.

But the ending -- magnifique! Bravo! I loved it!! I couldn't have said it better myself! Ha.


A+ on this video, top to bottom!


Claudia said...

A is for Awesome!

Mike Bailey said...

andy--thanks. didn't know whether you'd mind the ending. it just so captures the spirit of so many of our exchanges, i thought it was perfect.

claudia--always glad to have you on the blog! thanks for the props.

Andy D. said...

She meant me!! : )