Friday, July 08, 2011

A Minivan Country Song

A Country Song....

We won't make it through the night
And we will not see the sun
Cars and bikes are flying by
Everyone but us in flight

And for this we bought Japanese
Sold out American workers short
Cuz we're stuck at the KC Toyota shop
Blame it on doggone Consumer Report

Turn the key now, freedom calls
Gathering speed on the ol highway
Then we stop to get some gas
And then it sputters and then it stalls

Minivan blues breakin' Juli's heart
Oh Mr. Mechanic, Josh, be the best
Putting Timekeeper's patience to the test
For your sake, Good Sir, I'd make that engine start


Andy D. said...


Oh it just might be, time fer a new van,
This we shouldn't hafta say.
Oh it just might be, time fer a new vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan --

This one made'n the U.S.Aaaaaaaaaa.

Technoprairie said...

Loved both the song and the coda!