Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer's End

So it's pretty clear my last two videos--what, with their crazy rock n' roll and rap music and fast-cut editing--did not capture your fancy, beloved readers (excepting Justcurious).  Here I've gone the other route.   Quiet. Calm.  Reflective.

And, in my opinion, very sad.  

Just two images here, but together with the music they evoke loss, at least for me.


Andy D. said...

Hell yes it['s sad! My God. What is that music! Gee whiz!

Then combined with the very melancholy "kids at the pool in the summertime" shots...

Oh it's sad.

But still very well done. Just pick a different song.


Mike Bailey said...

andy d: thanks for the props. and the advice, but I'm sticking with sad.

Andy D. said...

That sounds like a good memoir title, not necessarily for you but probably several people could claim it -- "Sticking With Sad."

Technoprairie said...

Very sad. Now I must go eat some ice cream and fresh grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob to remind myself that summer isn't over yet.