Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sweeping away the old

Spent the past week with my parents, and in addition to joining my sister in assisting my mother and father in making arrangements for custodial care for my father and a surgery for my mother, I cleared out virtually all of the few vestigial elements of the house from my own childhood.  Over the years I had culled and gleaned and parsed through a lot of childhood stuff, and what I owned that remained easily fit in a mid-sized Rubbermaid container.  I tend toward nostalgia, but this was not a nostalgic trip though I imagine that had I given myself a spare moment it might have easily developed into such.  It was a work trip, and a productive one at that.  I imagine I'll have moments for reflection and nostalgia in the days to come.  But for now, business had to come first. 

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Claudia said...

One of my mom's favorite phrases is, "It's not an empty nest until you get your crap out of my basement." Ah, family.