Monday, July 25, 2011

Let it Bleed

My goal was to set images to the Stones' music sans vocals, focusing on the genius of Keith Richards and, to a lesser degree, Mick Taylor.  What a messy effort this entailed, as apparently all these images were too much for the computer. It died, oh, only about seventy times in the making of the video.  No, I did not take these failures, even in aggregate, as a sign to cease and desist.


justcurious said...

Truthfully, the images and their progression were so cool, I realized at the end that I had stopped even noticing the music. I think that makes Genius of MB - 1, Genius of Keith/Mick - 0.

Mike Bailey said... kind of you! Kind and mistaken. I'm not fit to carry Keith's boots. Though why I'd be carrying them for him is beyond me. He should just put them on. Poor guy. He's a little confused in the head. Yeah, maybe you're right.