Monday, July 11, 2011

if I were a superhero....

Truth:  I had a dream last night that I was communicating with a Supernatural Power.  In English, and out loud.  Sadly, I don't recall whether the power was God Himself (or Herself, as the case happened to be) or merely a paranormal entity.  The divine voice was that of a young female, and she said "yes" to my questions.  One question I asked her was whether I should communicate her presence to others. (And now I shall consider that obligation fulfilled.)  In this dream I also possessed a measure of supernatural powers myself, and I used them to cause various objects to glow at my command--proving, I suppose, that I would be neither an evil villain nor an especially useful superhero.  Rather I would just be me as I am presently with the added ability to indulge my desire to darken the room and cause certain objects to glow. 

"Boys and girls, you may call me....Chiaroscuro Man!!!"

I also dreamed that U2's  Bono told me if I want to be a rock and roller  like him I need to practice without ceasing playing the drums on the Violent Femmes song, "Blister in the Sun."   Then he bungied himself off of a building.

These were two of the best dreams I've had in years.

And then immediately after that I burst into tears in a third dream.

Well, at least my subconscious gave happiness a shot.  Thanks, subconscious.  I owe you one. 


Andy D. said...

This makes me realize how much I've missed your dreams! Where have you been, dreams of yesteryear!!??

The main thing I get from these, other than the fact you have little recollection of apparently meeting God, is that we now know the secret identity -- you! -- of the world's newest superhero!! THE GLOWWORM.

Whose powers are summoned by the whispered mantra chanting of, "Glow little glowworm, glim-mer, glim-mer..."

Oh mighty Glowworm, what will you make glow for us tonight!!? My pillow?? That feather?? A soft blanket??...

PS -- this whole Glowworm thing seems a very close, albeit subconsious, rip-off of the much mightier real-life superhero you recently encountered -- Mr. Bottle Rocket. Who with the flash of his flaming wand can light up and explode anything in the night sky, or in the nighttime dark of the neighbor's back yard and pool area.


justcurious said...

Oscar worthy!

Paul Wallace said...

Good Lord, Michael. If only my dreams could be so wonderful. Usually they involve dark closets and being chased up ever-narrowing skyscrapers by phantoms. How do you do it?