Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thanks for the help, y'all. Choice is made.


Andy D. said...

1. Top. Well, top-ish. I'm close to neither but top wins out.

2. Top. Very much into the b&w, plus I like the slopiness. I'm always good with the slopiness.

3. RE "why ain't Andy on facebook and when will he be on there, stop kidding around." All I can say is, the decision not to be on facebook is purely one of productivity. If I were on facebook, I would be on facebook 24/7. Yammering away (aka "my own brand of jibber jabber..."). At least with the blog here, I am limited to a couple times a day. Well, a couple times a week, at the rate MB has been NOT posting timely lately. Girl, you know it's true... And I would like to think the request for me to join facebook was a bona fide gesture of goodwill. What I must suspect instead, however, is that it was a result of pressure from MB to have you say that to me, or else indirect pressure through MB originating with the ultranefarious person I live with, who refuses to believe I can function in today's world without being on facebook and takes every opportunity to remind me I'm apparently living in the equivalent of 1886 if I don't have a facebook account. I thought I moved up a little last year when I finally put my butter churn in dry storage and started buying margarine, but apparently that wasn't good enough. All day, every day, with the "just join facebook". I get facebook pressure every day of my life. And apparently get it now here, as well, in what was previously my innersanctum. Well originally it was MB's inner sanctum, but then we realized only superheroes can have innersanctums (innersancti?), so, here I is...

Back to business. Let me get back to #1 -- if you print that negatived image of the Xmas ball, I will revolt.


Andy D. said...

Oh but I also meant to say -- I like JC's reasons for why I'm not on facebook, even better! Well stated!

You see MB, when you get a negative comment, you suddenly turn into a deaf begger (begging for more praise...). I however, just open my window each morning and listen to whatever the lovely chorus of life is singing each morning. Usually it be singin my praises. Even when it doesn't, I... Well I get very angry and argumentative. Then it starts up again with the praises. Shooooooooooot.


Andy D. said...

Although I will say - revisiting my decision that the bottom photo on #1 is not worthy -- if this were an FBI crime solver kind of a blog, I'd be all over it. Look how the negative image brings out the reflection in the ball? You could see the killer's face in teh window maybe.

Oh ok. Hold on. Bringing it back to the Bailey Blog context -- hey look you (could) see a Japanese ghost face of a murdered person in that ball, with the negative image? I'm sure it's an actual murdered person, not just a staged photo.

No one stages their photos to make them seem like ghosts. I mean, who would DO something like that?

But, regarding my premise "if this were an FBI crimesolving blog" -- it ain't. So the answer is top.

Top, or re-volt!
Top, or re-volt!
Top, or re-volt!!


Anonymous said...



Mike Bailey said...

I am SO glad we don't have yet 'nuther 'spute 'tween Andy D and Anonymous. I can referee for only so long before I take sides. And that's in no one's interest, believe me. Did I spell referee correctly?

Andy D. said...

No dispute? Let's recount, Ref.

Top, top, vs. top, bottom.

One of us is right, and the other of us is Anonymous.

Get the black hat on and get your whistle out. And when we come back tomorrow, I expect we'll see this one has been fairly adjudicated. In my favor.

Thanks honk.


justcurious said...

1. Def. top. Bottom - too apocalyptical.

2. very close, but bottom. I do love the b/w, but the nice architectural feel wins out over the going-to-fall-down-the-slope feel.

Julie said...

My vote:
#1- bottom
#2- top

The black and white photo is my favorite. REALLY LIKE that one! One of my new all time favorites. Has a bit of an Escher feel. Would LOVE a print!

Mike Bailey said... Julie has settled (regardless of future voting) the second photo. And, boy, she's made a muck of things for the first photo, now ain't she?

Mike Bailey said...

Oh, and for what it's worth, Lydia agrees with Julie. 100 per.

Technoprairie said...

#1 - top
#2 - top

timekeeper said...

I'm not even going to read the comments before I comment (something I will regret and have to comment on later). On the first two, neither one rings my bell. But on the second two, definitely definitely definitely the top one. It looks like an Escher (sp?) drawing.

timekeeper said...

Dang! If I read the comments first, Julie would have told me how to spell Escher AND I would see that yet again, I have not had an original thought.