Friday, May 21, 2010

post-coffee self-portrait


Andy D. said...

You've now already moved well on down the road from your "Physical Graffiti" post, but I wanted to get this off my chest, so I'm going to post it here instead.

I wondered if that house is down by the seaside? I also wondered if the owner had ever actually seen any dogs on the yard, in the light? Or does he just get sick again, laying there each night hearing those dogs outside... "Bron-Yr-Aurrrrrrrrr," howling away, lawn being trampled under foot. Then the dogs disappearing in a night flight as he turns on the light to see them. That lawn is probably so bad that after ten years gone it will still be ruined... All because of the Rover who did his business, howled his wanton song, and suddenly ran off to see where the smell of the custard pie was coming from down the block.

I wonder if I'll remember that scene, in my own time of dying.

Anyway, that's what I was wondering. Yep.


Andy D. said...

Hey MB.

As I was writing that post, it occurred to me that it was fun to try to work that out, but also to work it into some kind of writing style.

I know there are places around the country that have "writing style" contests, for example the annual "Write Like William Faulker" contest. So I suggest that you put up a photo that reminds you of a particular style, then tell us what author similar to that style we have to respond like.

On second thought, nevermind. I only know like, two authors.

And I gotta be me.


shinigami-sidhe said...

Andy-I really, really like that suggestion. That could possibly be the only thing better than responding in verse. Now, of course, we can assume that not all of us may have read the author to which MB will be directing our responses, but we should be able to find telling quotes and excerpts with a little google fu.

Mike Bailey said...

Andy D: Yo, so this proves how un-self-aware I am. I listened to Zep this morning for the first time in, oh, a year or so. Since probably last summer, anyway. I lent my ipod to a friend, so I had to go back old school style to the CDs. And it didn't even occur to me that my burning jones for Zep was obviously sparked by the title of my own dang blog entry. (La--HOO--zer!!) Anyway so the song that just stood out as absolutely fabulous--but not necessarily a fave from the day--is "When the Levee Breaks." Those opening drum thumps--holy crap, is that just obscene or what? For the love of all that's good, give it another listen. And loudly. So Jackson, Johnson, Platte, and Clay counties can all hear it simultaneously. Sooooo good.

Andy D. said...

Yes! Ok, the ayes have it, MB!

Side note - my assistant here at work one time sent me a post it note explaining what she had done, and telling me that I should "f u," and I almost had a heart attack! Then I realized it was not an insult... But ever since then I have outlawed that abbreviation and insist she write out "follow up."

Because as you know from reading the ol blog here, when I see or say f u, it has a very clear meaning! : )


Mike Bailey said...

S-S: I'll do it. But here's another idea. I post a photo in the equivalent style of an author's literary style. Then y'all guess who the author is I'm trying to imitate. And then I cry because no one comes even close! Or, worse, they guess it immediately.

I can imagine it now:

"Sylvia Plath? How did you guess it so quickly?? What do you mean it's always Sylvia Plath???"

Eric Alder said...

Speaking of Sylvia Plath, yesterday at Borders I purchased a book of poetry titled "Poetry Speaks". The book is large and includes 3 CDs of various poets (including Sylvia Plath) reading some of their own poems. (What a bargain too, discounted to just $9.99!)

Andy D. said...

Yo holmes -- hows bout WE give YOU an author, and you punch up that $#^! to look like that author?

Cause otherwise we gonna be here for DAYZ.

Andy D. said...

Hi Eric,

Well now I feel like an idiot, because I paid 34.99 for the same book - WITHOUT the CDs.

Andy D.