Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Icy Stare

Ice cubes in the complimentary drink I received on a flight I took last December to Kansas City. Lydia was my flying partner, so I had no worries of my fellow passengers worrying about the state of my mind.

I punched up the colors a touch. I enjoy (as is obvious to all by now) to defamiliarize the familiar and anthropomorphize inanimate sh** and whatnot.

It's what I do. It's how I do.

Sidenote from Wikipedia: "Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality." Yo, I'm just preempting Steven Taylor.


Andy D. said...

As you were defamiliarizing your ice cubes and anthropomorphapostlitizing your carry on bag and dehumanisensitizing your daughter and coloratifinating your colors and nonstopatopolis RUNNIN YO MOUF --

Who drink ice water on an airplane?

They got all kinds of free drinks there -- coke, diet coke, diet coke with lime, diet lime coke with vanilla, regular lime coke, regular devanilled coke without lime, lemon coke, tab, pepsi, diet pepsi (ok, I'll stop the Forrest Gump "shrimp" run here...). But you drinkin water.

Forget schizo (which was very funny by the way!) -- you need to wikipediate "foo'"....


Mike Bailey said...

You do make a good point. Excellent.

timekeeper said...

Definitely a good shot of our robotic overlord staring at us.

Andy D. said...

Robot Overlord Commentary:

I don't know where I was last weekend, as you were slowly, how do I say.... "publicly losing your mind on the blog."

But I do know this.

There is one guy who will be overjoyed - neigh, welcoming with warm embrace - when your robot overlords arrive to decimate us and, apparently, redecorate us in a more all-Ikea style and sensibility.

This morning, on the tv news, I saw a video of the guy, a poor maintenance worker in St. Louis, whose job it is one day each year to get up on the TOP - you heard me, the outside TOP - of the Gateway Arch, 660 feet in the air and a quick slope to an ugly death within two inches of either side of you, and change a damn light bulb. And some helicopter had zoomed on him up while this poor little guy is doing the sphincter-clenching balance job of his LIFE, to take his picture while he waived like a flag in a brisk wind, holding an 8 inch and probably 50 pound light bulb in his free hand.

Just as he has done (been forced to do) by his cavalier employer, The National Parks Department, for the last NINETEEN YEARS.

If there is ONE GUY in the world who might be thinking, "When oh when will a perfectly tuned and balanced machine finally come and either kill me and take my soul, or at least do this crummy job and get me fired," that's the guy.


Mike Bailey said...'re full of going points today, Andy D.

I couldn't agree more. I think.

timekeeper said...

Andy, Andy, Andy....why oh why did you mention to professormikey that there is a light bulb on top of the arch? Didn't you know we were driving through St. Louis next month? Yes, you did. Are you trying to kill him? ("Honey, I'll be right back. This shot is going to be so cool.) If we stop there and he suggests we go to the arch, I'm blaming you in the obituary.

Andy D. said...


"Atlanta Man Risks Family's Lives and Those Around Him in Freeway Driving Stunt, Claiming It Was Simply to Capture Well-Known 80 Pound Light Atop Arch on Film"

..."And Defamiliarize and Overcolorize It Later With So-Called 'Punch Ups', No Doubt"

..."Scorcese Comments, 'I've Never Heard of a Punch Up -- The Guy Certainly Isn't a Follower of Mine.'"

..."Scorcese Adds, 'Can We Really Be Sure He Knows What He's Doing? You Don't Gain Automatic Credibility for Your Work By Risking Innocent Life, or Even By Getting Yourself Drenched in a Single-Stream and Well-Targeted Fountain Stream.'"

..."Local Maintenance Man Asks, 'Why Didn't He Just Google the Video of Me Up There for the Ninteenth Fr**king Year?? I Was Holding the G.D. Thing in my Hand!!'"