Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Oh, I definitely got me beer goggles goin' on here:

And here's another photo of what I believe must be Dogfish Head 60 IPA. Niiiiiice. The beer, not the photo. I took this shot in January, but what else would I have been drinking back then, assuming I was in my right mind? I mean, really, come on.

And a shot from down below with the beer mug hanging over the edge of the table. I remember getting a stern look from Timekeeper while I was taking this shot. As though I had any intention of wasting a Dogfish Head. Please, I don't think so.


I dedicate this post to the fabulous Justcurious and her groovy husband "Jeff," who introduced me to DFH60. So grateful.


Andy D. said...

1. Congrats S-S on the quiz -- but more importantly on the degree! Awesome.

1A. A more cynical person could perhaps argue that the quiz is more a Burma-shave style congratulations. Not like the forced-choice "pick which of these 4 ways Andy is an idiot" quiz... But -- it counts! Good job.

2. MB, it looks like you were drinking this beer in a CIA interrogation. The single point light? Where were you?

2A. Only TK would both be angry at you, and yet make no motion to disrupt your happiness, as you balance that full beer off the table and climb underneath it. Repeatedly.

2B. Just thought of an interesting math/geometry question: what is the balance point (center of gravity?) of a circle as it passes over the edge of a bigger circle (i.e., a beer glass passing over the edge of a round table)? TP, some assistance please?

3. What KC bridge was it?


justcurious said...

"Fabulous" and "groovy" -- wow. I'm so honored. If that's what one fine beer garnered us, remind me next time to show you the wine cellar.

Technoprairie said...

I had to go test it out and on a curved table, the full glass of beer will fall before the center of the glass reaches the edge of the table. Though I don't have a formula for it, I imagine that the unsupported weight of beer shifts the center of gravity of the beer/glass combo and that is what makes it fall before the center of the glass reaches the edge.

Andy D. said...

Thanks TP! Now that's what I'm talkin bout...

I sort of "hunched" that might be the case -- because a curved table would be supporting less than half the glass bottom BEFORE the table edge hits the center of the glass...

But that was just a hunch. You did the legwork and get all the credit on this one.


Jeff said...

If you love DFH60, then you must try some of the other more elusive DFH brews, including Palo Santo, aged in a cask made from the densest wood in the world and the incredibly aromatic DFH120, an 18% alcohol ass-whuppin' guaranteed to ignite taste buds you didn't know you had.

Like, totally awesome Dude.

jonbon said...

I like to think i introduced you to beer.

Or at least turned you on...

To BEER, that is. To BEER. I turned you on to beer is what i meant.